Will your crypto assets be lost in case of an emergency?

Will your crypto assets be lost
in case of an emergency?

there is just one address to remember



Asset access providing

How do you provide cryptocurrency access when you pass away? Your cryptos will be lost unless you take precautions…

Life sign monitoring

We at Blocxs monitor whether you are still doing fine sending us your ‘I’m fine’ signal on a regular base

After life smart contracts

With our smart contracts you can automatically effectuate logic that is to be taken into effect in an emergency situation

CXS ICO Countdown!

Blocxs is an abbreviation for
Blockchain Extensions for Society.

We are excited to offer you the possibility of participating in our envisioned and materialized ideas and solutions with the issuing of our
CXS (‘Conceived Extensions’) token.

Participate and let’s invent smart things that helps you!

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We don’t want anyone to lose assets

There is just one address to remember

Our solution to avoid losing cryptos and other instruction based value stores

The danger of modern technology based assets like crypto currencies consist of rather complex access methods (or even none) for relatives in an emergency event. Even if you are practicing failsafe procedures like using offline hardware wallets there is a possible risk that you might not have thought about off: forever losing access to them.

Safeguarding your crypto currency is a delicate process. To keep it safe you are the only person that has the information to access them of course. But what will happen to these assets in case of something might happen to you? Will they be lost forever, of have you decently prepared for this situation. Do you relatives know where all your crypto currencies resides? They can be scattered throughout the intenet in online wallets and on different devices in offline wallets. They can be even stored in paper wallets. All kinds of combinations can be possible. Do they know all these locations and did you provide them with all necessary access information like logon credentials and two-way authentication procedures? You can use our service without giving us your passwords or private keys. Blocxs is your solution in providing one central access frontend.

Besides having Bitcoin or other crypto currencies you might also have a key or password protected vault in your home or secret storage locations for precious metals somewhere. Is your family provided with complete information to get access to them in an emergency case such as your sudden pass away?

Our first solution

Providing easy access and automated after life smart contracts

Blocxs is Dutch organization that is offering a solution for protection, life monitoring and access providing of your cryptocurrency assets. Our solutions are focusing on safeguarding and providing emergency access to a variety of value stores. Assets that needs documentation of instructions, procedures and credentials to access them by your beloved ones in case something might happen to you. We offer a patented mechanism where you can safely document the necessary information that your closest relatives need: one access point and with only one password.

Protection, life monitoring and access providing of your cryptocurrency assets

Cryptocurrency assets and an emergency

Taking the right precautions

Simon is worrying about what will happen with his crypto currencies and other precious data in case of an emergency. Will he lose everything or is there a solution to make him feel safe and secure?

Blocxs offers a simple-to-use solution on the blockchain that supports Simon to safeguard access and the execution of his will in case of an emergency. He creates his account, safely enters his crypto addresses, private keys, passwords and storage locations. He then nominates his beneficiaries and activates the contract.

The advanced Blocxs Life Sign Monitoring solution will now ask Simon if he is still OK every single month. If the “I’m OK!” button is not pressed within a defined period of time (advanced failsafe procedure), access to Simons account and its data will be provided to his beloved ones according his wishes.

Simon is happy because he feels secure now!

A 100% motivated team
Our first 100% helpful blockchain solution for the community
0% Tokens sold (ICO starting August 3rd 2018)
A 100% motivated team
Our first 100% helpful blockchain solution for the community
0% Tokens sold (ICO starting August 3rd 2018)

Transforming into a blockchain driven society

We are working towards a complete solution platform

Blocxs is a Dutch initiative and is the first company focusing on the changing aspects of blockchain driven evolution of the notary market to the future blockchain based paradigm. We offer consumer blockchain solutions for Protection, Life Sign Monitoring® and Access Providing of your cryptocurrency and other valuables assets that require instructions, procedures and credentials to access them. 

The broader mission of Blocxs is to create both new and bridging solutions for consumers and businesses between blockchain technology and our traditional legal sector and a new technology driven notary world. We will transform legacy procedures into more efficient and less costly blockchain alternatives with disruptive new technology that the Ethereum platform is offering us nowadays. Many financial middlemen will be overridden by the new blockchain based paradigm on the longer term. The blockchain with its network of balanced and synchronized trust nodes will offer confidence and undisputed truth functions and will turn out to be competitive with the old school system in which we need these financial middlemen.


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CXS token


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  • Base
  • Freeforever!
  • Client side encrypted central storage of sensitive access instructions and related credentials. Only meaningful data for you (the holder).
  • Multisignature protocol for will execution for multiple heirs.
  • Comprehensive documentation and sharing facilities for your relatives.
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  • Secure
  • 8.99CXS per year
  • + Life sign monitoring and blocked access for relatives during life time.
  • + Blocxs actively verifying your status in case of a possible emergency (investigation process (i.e.mailing and telephoning)).
  • + Personal help and support.
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The Blocxs Team
your guarding knights