Secure data client side browser encryption/decryption

Convert your sensitive data into encrypted versions before storing it to the Blocxs server

Important notice!

NEVER LOOSE your private key and password as NO ONE (including we at Blocxs) can retrieve it for you.

Securely client side encrypt your data before storing it to the Blocxs server. You can choose our tool here or search the internet for an independend data encryption provider like of your choice:


Use tool as follows:

  1. Generate your own set of keys (the consist of a combination of both a public key as a well as a private key) (this section called ‘Generate PGP Keys’ is initially opened below). Save these keys and keep them in a save place and share them with your relatives!!
  2. To write data: click ‘Securely encrypt my data client side in my browser’. Your sensitive data will be translated into an encryption string. You can now savely post your webpage with the encrypted data string to the Blocxs server.
  3. To retrieve data: if you or your left behind visit this page afterwards and you want to retrieve your data (that resides senseless on the Blocxs server), you can decrypt the data with your own private key. Enter the data that is stored and viewed in the webpage and enter your private key to encrypt the data into a readable format.

Need help to choose a password? Try a nice password generator.

Your browser may not respond during key generation.




Leave this browser open in order to easily encrypt more values