Will your crypto assets be lost in case of an emergency?

Will your crypto assets be lost
in case of an emergency?

there is just one address to remember



Asset access providing

How do you provide cryptocurrency access when you pass away? Your cryptos will be lost unless you take precautions…

Life sign monitoring

We at Blocxs monitor whether you are still doing fine sending us your ‘I’m fine’ signal on a regular base

After life smart contracts

With our smart contracts you can automatically effectuate logic that is to be taken into effect in an emergency situation

CXS ICO Countdown!

Blocxs is an abbreviation for
Blockchain Extensions for Society.

We are excited to offer you the possibility of participating in our envisioned and materialized ideas and solutions with the issuing of our
CXS (‘Conceived Extensions’) token.

Participate and let’s invent smart things that helps you!

Time left for CXS ICO-token launch:


(At Ethereum block number xxxxxx, approx. 23th of August 15:00 a.m. Central European Time)


  • Base
  • Freeforever!
  • Client side encrypted central storage of sensitive access instructions and related credentials. Only meaningful data for you (the holder).
  • Multisignature protocol for will execution for multiple heirs.
  • Comprehensive documentation and sharing facilities for your relatives.
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  • Secure
  • 8.99CXS per year
  • + Life sign monitoring and blocked access for relatives during life time.
  • + Blocxs actively verifying your status in case of a possible emergency (investigation process (i.e.mailing and telephoning)).
  • + Personal help and support.
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The Blocxs Team
your guarding knights